What is a Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist is a specialist dentist who has undertaken additional years of specialist training in restoring and replacing teeth.

This enables Prosthodontists to use that specialist training to restore a tooth or teeth with bonding, veneers or crowns and replacing teeth with implants, bridgework or removable partial dentures.

Improving jaw function and treating conditions of the jaw joint is also a part of the role of a Prosthodontist.

Why do I need to see a Prosthodontist?

Usually your general dentist will refer you to a Prosthodontist if the restoration or replacement of your tooth and teeth are complicated or involve multiple teeth.

Treatment can also be complicated by medical conditions, dental wear and tear, trauma, and congenital or hereditary conditions. That’s where our specialist training becomes invaluable.

What happens at the first consultation?

Your initial consultation will involve obtaining a full history of your current medical and dental status and a comprehensive examination.

We will develop a treatment plan which will identify the problems and we will then discuss options for their management.

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation is $360.00.  A discussion of treatment fees will occur at the initial consultation.

Are there payments plans?

Payment plans are available. If you would like to know more, our friendly team will be happy to discuss this with you after the initial consultations.

Is it covered by my medical insurance or medicare?

Although dental treatment is not covered by medicare, Prosthodontic treatment is usually covered by most health funds. Please check with your health fund prior to commencing treatment.

Can I use my super to pay for treatment?

You can apply for the Early Release of your superannuation via SuperCare.

SuperCare assists individuals by facilitating the application process for Compassionate Release of Superannuation to pay for your essential dental treatment. Click on the link below to enquire directly with SuperCare


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