Replacing teeth

When teeth are lost, changes occur in chewing and smiling. It often becomes more difficult to chew and people often become conscious about smiling. Removable dentures are often very uncomfortable and traditional bridgework can damage your teeth. Using implants can replace teeth so that they look and feel like natural teeth allowing people to smile comfortably and chew as normal.

At Sydney Dental Specialists we offer a range of tooth replacement treatments.

A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium replacement for a tooth root. Once the implant as fused with your jawbone (a process known as osseointegration) a dental crown can be attached to the dental implant. Unlike other forms of tooth replacement treatment, implant dentistry replaces the whole tooth. The benefit of which is it supports your jawbone, gums and remaining natural teeth.

Previously your only option was to have dentures either bonded to natural teeth or attached with hooks.  Now, with a tooth-supported bridge, you can now receive treatment which restores your bite, maintains healthy jawbone and looks good.

All-On-4 is an implant system that uses 4 implants strategically placed to hold a full-arch restoration in place.

You have two options with full arch replacement:

  • Implant-supported treatment such as All-on-4
  • Traditional denture treatment

When you visit Sydney Dental Specialists Dr Stephen or Dr Prashant will assess your oral health and discuss with you which option is right for you.

There are two kinds of tooth-supported bridges:

  1. prosthetic teeth which can be glued to adjacent teeth through the use of a dental adhesive.
  2. prosthetic teeth attached to dental crowns which are attached to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap.

Dentures are still one of the most effective and efficient ways to replace missing teeth. Removable dentures can be used if you’re missing a few teeth or a full arch of teeth, and are attached with a dental adhesive or hooks to existing teeth.

Case Studies

Patient 1



Patient 2

This patient came in tears, very concerned about her unsightly mobile teeth. She was not ready to wear dentures for her remaining life and was accepting of all that was needed to provide her with an amazing set of fixed teeth that look great and functioned well. She showed great courage during the course of her treatment and has continued to amaze us with her determination to take utmost care of her great new smile. She stopped smoking as part of the treatment process which is an exceptional outcome to her longevity and her family.



Patient 3


Patient 4

Case Studies

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