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Replacing Teeth and Improving Bite


The teeth were worn, several had been extracted and the denture required unsightly clasps to hold it in place. The remaining upper teeth were removed and replaced with implants and a fixed bridge (single procedure). After healing, this was refined and strengthened to provide this beautiful fixed aesthetic implant supported tooth replacement. This meant that the bite was rested and chewing was just like natural teeth.


Replacing Teeth and Improving Smile


This young man had lateral incisor teeth that did not form properly. With modern materials and techniques, bonded ceramics could be placed without concern for changes that can occur with growth and affect traditional crowns. These are beautiful and long-lasting Emax restorations.




This patient’s right front tooth was lost due to trauma and whilst orthodontic treatment was carried out, it was attached to a temporary implant in the palate. The left front tooth was also damaged and had a large filling. From viewing photographs of the teeth before the accident, the size, shapes and colours were determined and then reproduced in the ceramic reconstructions. The right front tooth is attached to the left (bridge), and the gum was carefully prepared to create and really natural appearance. The ceramist and prosthodontist, Sebastian Braunwarth and Stephen Travis, worked closely together to create this.


Replacing Teeth, Improving Smile and Bite


Following some severe illness and compromise of the immune system, this patient suffered from severe gum disease resulting in loss of teeth and poor position of the front teeth. These were heavily restored and mobile. By removing the teeth and placing implants in the one procedure, a fixed bridge was provided in each jaw. After healing these were converted to ceramic bridges to provide the lovely appearance and excellence function. Being ceramic the bridges were smooth and designed for ease of cleaning.


This young man had a high decay rate that had resulted in decay, fracture and loss of many teeth. This was holding him back at work and he wanted to fix the teeth properly. With a combination of implants crowns veneers and bonding, the smile and function were restored. He is really happy with his new appearance.


Reconstructing Teeth


These upper teeth had been previously restored with crowns. One had fractured and tooth needed removal. The other crowns showed deal and the black line at the gum. The lower teeth were suffering from a combination of wear and acid erosion. The crowns were replaced and teeth reconstructed with a variety of materials, including ceramic crowns, bonded composite resin, and new ceramic/composite materials. A really nice functional and aesthetic result was achieved and this has been in place for 3 years.


Improving Smile and Bite


The teeth here were irregularly worn and some back teeth were lost. The bite was rebuilt at the back using a combination of crowns and implants, and the front teeth were made to look much more even in colour. The patient was very happy with the appearance of her new teeth and the ability to chew more comfortably.




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