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Patient Journey: Robert

When Robert came to Sydney Dental Specialists he was missing six teeth. He was pursuing dental implants because he didn’t like the idea of dentures, but he was apprehensive because an acquaintance had had a negative dental implant experience with a different provider

He was impressed with the level of expertise, the friendliness of the staff and the pleasant general atmosphere. He also hugely appreciated that the in-house dental technicians created a special-made drilling jig for his implant surgery to get precise placement and drilling depth.

He is very satisfied with the result of his treatment as he can now chew comfortable, is happy with the aesthetics of his teeth and now smiles much more than he once did.

Patient Journey: Kevin

When Kevin came to Sydney Dental Specialists, he was missing several teeth and his bite was in such a bad state that it was inevitably going to lead to loss of more teeth. Faced with a choice between dentures and implants, he chose implants. He sought the expertise of Sydney Dental Specialists because, “you only get one mouth.”

The treatment option he chose involved a bone grafting procedure to build up lost jaw bone followed 6-7 months later with placement of 8-10 implants. He really appreciated that Sydney Dental Specialists has a dental lab and skilled technicians on premises, as they were able to come in and look at his teeth during appointments to ensure meticulously made custom implants.

He says, “I ended up with a set of exquisite implants and abutments. I was very, very happy. I liked the meticulous nature of what you did. I was utterly confident in your expertise.”

Patient Journey: Margaret

When Margaret came to Sydney Dental Specialists she had an enormous amount of pain in her jaw, couldn’t open her mouth very wide without her jaw cracking and she had severe grinding damage to her teeth.

After extensive discussion with Dr Patel she chose a strong, long-term treatment option that would take over a year to complete. The treatment consisted of rebuilding her bite during a temporary provisional phase focused on improving her joints, then putting crowns on all of her teeth

Margaret says of her experience with Sydney Dental Specialists that she is absolutely thrilled and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

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