Dental Trauma Sydney

Dental accidents are quite a common occurrence, and treatment can be straightforward

If you have suffered dental trauma and aren’t sure what your options are for repairing your teeth, the best thing to do is visit Sydney Dental Specialists for a consultation. We have helped many patients restore the form and function of their smile through a carefully mapped out treatment plan.

For many patients, treatment can be as simple as placing porcelain veneers, or one all-ceramic crown. For other patients, they may need more complex treatment such as full mouth rehabilitation.

Porcelain restorations not only look good, they are stain-resistant and last up to 20 years

At Sydney Dental Specialists we offer treatments such as:

When you visit Sydney Dental Specialists we will assess your oral health and discuss with you, your options. Once we know the state of your oral health and your desired outcome we will put together a treatment plan that suits you, your health, and your budget. If you would like more information, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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