Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Successful full mouth rehabilitation often involves dental specialists from different fields to help restore form and function.

Sydney Dental Specialists have helped many patients over the years recover their smiles. Whether you are looking to replace a full denture with All-on-4 or need a selection of different treatments, our team of specialists can help you.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Case Studies

Jean Michael Walsh

These upper teeth had been previously restored with crowns. One had fractured and tooth needed removal. The other crowns showed deal and the black line at the gum. The lower teeth were suffering from a combination of wear and acid erosion. The crowns were replaced and teeth reconstructed with a variety of materials, including ceramic crowns, bonded composite resin, and new ceramic/composite materials. A really nice functional and aesthetic result was achieved and this has been in place for 3 years.

Why All-on-4 over a complete denture?

The thing to keep in mind is: there is nothing wrong with traditional dentures. They work, and it’s why many dentists still offer them. But dentures are not for everyone and All-on-4 are an effective, long-term, aesthetically pleasing way to replace a full arch of teeth.

Treatments like All-on-4 use dental implants to anchor a full-arch of false teeth—meaning you don’t need adhesives and glues, nor do you need to worry about your denture falling out. On top of that, the dental implants provide much-needed support for your jaw.

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone starts to atrophy. A denture doesn’t stop this from happening because there’s nothing underneath the denture providing support to your jaw.  With All-on-4, the bite pressure applied to the denture is felt through the implant and so provides the necessary stimulation to promote healthy jawbone growth.

To find out more about the All-on-4 procedure, please visit our dedicated dental implant site.

How do I know what will work best for me?

Every patient’s mouth presents its own circumstances. What works for one patient may be unnecessary for another. When you visit Sydney Dental Specialists, we will assess your oral health and have a discussion with about your desired outcome. We will also explain your options, cost and viable time-frames to complete a treatment plan.

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