Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported bridges, and partial dentures are an effective, aesthetically pleasing and healthy option for replacing several missing teeth

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dentistry has come a long way. With modern treatment, restorations not only look natural but in many ways are designed to help maintain your oral health.

One such treatment is dental implants for several missing teeth. Where previously you would have received dentures either bonded to natural teeth or attached with hooks, you can now receive treatment which restores your bite, maintains healthy jawbone and looks good.

While traditional dentures have their uses—especially for clients who cannot undergo a bone graft or the surgery necessary for implants—implant-supported restorations are better for your health. The dental implant looks after the health of your jaw and then the bridge or partial denture looks after your bite.

For those who are suitable candidates for this treatment, it can take between three and six months to complete. Treatment time depends on the number of implants which need to be placed and where they need to be placed.

Typically if you are having two teeth replaced an implant-supported bridge is the best method—this involves one dental implant and two crowns attached to the implant.

More than two teeth may require an implant-supported denture. However, the most effective treatment will be determined during your initial consultation.

Often to achieve a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile, cosmetic dentistry is performed alongside restorative treatments. For example, before the impressions are created for your bridge or partial denture, it may be ideal to have your teeth whitened. This might sound unnecessary, but restorations are unaffected by bleaching agents, so once the restoration has been made in a colour matching your teeth, it is hard to whiten them.

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