Space Closure

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If you have gappy teeth and would like them to be closer together, Sydney Dental Specialists offer a variety of solutions. One such solution is a combination of braces and veneers or crowns. After the initial assessment, you will be referred you to one of the orthodontists we work with and then you would return to Sydney Dental Specialists for the rest of your treatment.

If the gaps are minor, and there’s no medically necessary reason for braces, we may recommend either veneers or dental crowns. Composite veneers conceal chips, cracks and gaps—this treatment is non-invasive and last up to 8 years, provided you take care of them. If you would like a longer lasting, more natural-looking, stain resistant option, we also offer porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells bonded to the front of teeth, they are colour-matched to your natural teeth and can last up to 15 years—however, this depends largely on how well you look after your teeth.

It is not uncommon to want the gap between your teeth to be smaller. And while a gappy smile is not indicative of poor oral health, many patients prefer to their to be closer together: or at least look closer together.

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